What We Do

Our Vision

Ruby Ranch exists to demonstrate the love of Jesus through the beauty of creation, immense fun, and great adventure.




We recognize that where you stand determines what you see. Ruby Ranch offers the chance to see life from a new perspective both for the local children and the teams who come to serve.




Ruby Ranch allows the emotional and spiritual freedom necessary to evaluate  the trials of life and grow through healing, restoration, and wholeness in Christ.




To experience the limitless wonder of God one must have stillness. Ruby Ranch is a place where we can see the Glory of God through the beauty of creation.


The Ranch Today

Visiting the ranch today gives you just a glimpse into the incredible potential that is soon to unravel on these 500+ acres. Located just north of Managua, Ruby Ranch currently operates with the help of mission groups from all over the United States. We are able to make an immeasurable impact on the lives of a number of local children and families through the love of those teams and the current facilities we offer.


Who we serve

The Ranch is for everyone, yet our primary goal is to serve the children of Nicaragua.  And the teams we partner with and the relationships they establish through service, result in an extension of service to the surrounding community of La Parcelas.

Visiting Ruby Ranch 

For further information on ways to visit Ruby Ranch, please contact us and one of the members of our team will connect with you about next steps.   

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Current Facilities

Currently, our ranch features many fun and functional facilities for those we serve. This includes a water slide that measures over 200 feet in length, The Ranchon – our central meeting space, a mountain top chapel overlooking miles of beautiful creation, bikes, horses, rock climbing, a zip line, and endless adventure!

investing Financially 

If you would like to support Ruby Ranch investing in the current programming, or investing in the First Fruits Building Campaign to further enhance our programming and capacity, you can donate by clicking the link below. All contributions are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!

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The heart behind Ruby Ranch

There are no words to accurately describe the miracle of peace and restoration that takes place when one experiences reconciliation with their Creator Jesus. 

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The Future of RR

The First Fruits Building Campaign is a concerted effort to fulfill the design of the Master Plan that was constructed through a partnership with Engineering Ministries International, EMI.  Once the plan is complete, it will allow us at full capacity to create adventure for approximately 200 campers each week.  Below is a high level look at the Master Plan and project breakdown.  For further insight, go to the First Fruits Tab above.


master plan

An aerial rendering of the  main campus at Ruby Ranch.

project breakdown

A detailed cost analysis of each project within the Master Plan.

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Ruby ranch gear

We have partnered with Society6 to offer a variety of products for you to show your love for RR! Everything from beach towels to t-shirts are available, and part of the proceeds come back to Ruby Ranch.